Category: Rosacea Awareness Month

Woman’s 4-year struggle with rosacea ends in success!

In 2011, when Rikki Baker started developing redness and small, pus-filled spots on her cheeks and chin, she thought she had acne.

Dermatologist with Rosacea Shares Story

I hope to raise awareness about options and help others feel more comfortable and confident in their skin.

Canadian Actor Talks Rosacea

Q & A with Egyptian-born Canadian actor, Christine Solomon, who has rosacea. 

Dermatologists’ Top Lifestyle Tips to Limit Rosacea Flare-ups

For Rosacea Awareness Month, April 2020, we asked our dermatologists for their top lifestyle tips to limit rosacea flare-ups.

Dermatologists share impact of rosacea on patients’ lives

To raise awareness, dermatologists with the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada share anecdotes illustrating the impact rosacea has had on their patients’ lives.

Rosacea treatment gets personal

People with rosacea can expect more personalized, tailored treatment addressing their individual symptoms and features following recently published global guidelines.

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