Rosacea features are varied but there are common patterns. Some features can evolve over time and new ones can develop:

signs of rosacea

Flushing and facial redness

(Neurovascular rosacea) Looks Like: frequent flushing and persistent redness in the central parts of the face. With time, tiny

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Facial redness and pimples

(Inflammatory rosacea) Looks like: areas of persistent redness in the central parts of the face and red bumps and

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Skin thickening

(Phymatous rosacea) – Less common. Looks like: thickened, bumpy, red skin resulting in enlargement of the affected area with

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Irritated eyes

(Ocular rosacea) Looks like: Bloodshot, irritated, watery eyes with a gritty sensation. The eyelids may be red. Styes (seen

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Often people have a combination of symptoms of rosacea. Patients may be treated with a combination of therapies.  

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