Rosacea Triggers

A trigger is anything that causes the flushing, blushing and skin changes of rosacea. Often a change in body temperature – usually getting hotter – is involved.

Woman's face up close, wearing a red rain coat with the hood up, smiling and holding the collar of her jacket with both hands.

Here’s our Top 4 reasons to find out your rosacea triggers – and avoid them.

  1. You can help keep rosacea under control and limit outbreaks by reducing exposure to your rosacea triggers.
  2. Over time, repeated exposure to triggers and subsequent flushing can make rosacea worse.
  3. If you are being treated for rosacea, regular flushing episodes will slow or halt progress of your current treatment.
  4. You can undo the benefits of past treatment through repeated exposure to triggers.

Where to start? Find our your personal rosacea triggers and lessen the impact of this condition on your life! Check out these common Environmental and Lifestyle triggers.