Environmental Triggers

Rosacea can be triggered by different environments – both outdoor and indoor.

Woman in a wide brimmed hat applying sunscreen on a beach in front of green palm trees.


Sun protection, especially for the face, is a must for rosacea sufferers. Wear an SPF 30 or higher, broad-spectrum sunscreen when out in the sun. Limit sun exposure, wear protective clothing, large sunglasses and hats and avoid peak hours for ultraviolet radiation. See more on sunscreens under Get Help, Skincare.

Woman softly smiling at the camera, wearing a plaid scarf. Image has a colourful, slightly blurry filter.

Cold Weather

Canada’s winters are not kind to those with rosacea… Dry, cold air is harsh on the skin and triggers flare-ups and flushing. When outdoors in winter, protect the face from the cold and wind with scarves and pull up jacket collars.

Three people standing in an office, smiling.

Hot Indoor Spaces

Warm, crowded places can easily trigger a rosacea outbreak. Stay close to an airy entrance, don’t sit beside fireplaces and get some fresh air if you feel a flush coming on. If you are at a social event, sip a cold, non-alcoholic drink and chew on small ice chips to stay cool.