Lifestyle Triggers

For rosacea sufferers, avoiding everyday triggers is an important way you can help keep this condition at bay. Check out these common triggers.

Bottles and glasses of alcohol, in front of an orange background.


Avoid or minimize alcohol as this is a common trigger. Red wine is a frequently reported culprit.

Bowl of curry with rice and bread.

Spicy Food

Curries and foods, dressings or sauces made with chillies and hot or peppery spices or flavourings should be avoided or minimized.

Man in a suit, holding his head in his hands, looking stressed.


Stress is a major cause of rosacea flare-ups. Create ways to reduce stress in your life such as relaxation techniques and problem solving.

Unlabeled, white skincare product packages of various sizes.


Avoid products that irritate the skin (sting or burn) including those containing alcohol and witch hazel. Fragrance-free is also a good idea to lessen skin reactions. Avoid using soaps on the face. See more at our Skincare page.

Various medication pills spilling onto a table.


Long term use of highly potent topical steroids on affected areas may cause rosacea flare-ups. Some drugs, such as niacin, a cholesterol treatment, can cause flushing. *Consult your doctor regarding medications.

Man in a blue shirt, running through a park.


Heavy exercise can easily trigger rosacea symptoms. Sipping ice water helps. Get cool water on the face immediately after exercise.

Up close of water coming out of a shower head.

Hot Baths, Saunas

Hot Baths, showers, saunas or hot tubs can bring on flushing. Keep bath and shower water at a moderate temperature.

Steaming cup of coffee on a dish with coffee beans, in front of a red background.

Hot Drinks

Very hot drinks are a sure way to feel hot and set off flushing. Reducing the temperature of hot drinks will help.