Emotional and social effects

The effects of rosacea can be much more than skin deep – the physical symptoms seen. Research shows rosacea can cause significant emotional and social effects for sufferers.

The main reason is that rosacea is easily visible on the face and affects appearance.

Up close image of person's cheek with rosacea.

Studies show people with rosacea have higher rates of embarrassment and social anxiety compared to others who don’t have this condition.

A feeling of being stigmatized, branded or shamed by others for having a red face makes this situation worse.

Rosacea sufferers have a 5 times greater risk for developing depression than the general population.

Some 75% of rosacea patients report low self-esteem.

The good news is that successful treatment has been shown to improve the symptoms of rosacea AND “quality of life” – happiness, feelings of good health, social and emotional well-being of sufferers.

And rosacea sufferers can play a big part in keeping the condition at bay by avoiding triggers and through protective skincare.