There are many signs of rosacea. It can be seen and felt. Rosacea is often a combination of a few of these signs:

Earliest sign: A tendency to flush or blush easily and frequently and some redness on the cheeks or nose that comes and goes.

Highly sensitive skin that is easily irritated, for example, burns or stings when some skincare products are used.

#1 sign of rosacea: persistent areas of redness in the centre of the face, most often the cheeks and nose, giving the face a red, ruddy appearance. Can also be on the chin, forehead, neck or upper chest.

Visible, tiny blood vessels on the cheeks and nose. Skin may feel dry, rough or swollen.

Deep, long periods of flushing (from 10 minutes to over an hour) during which the skin feels burning hot, stings or itches. After flushing subsides, there is redness on the face that does not go away. Can be on the chin, forehead or neck.

Inflamed, red bumps and pimples (papules and pustules) on the cheeks, chin or forehead.

Dry, red and gritty eyes. Styes and eyelid cysts may also occur.

Rare. Thickened, bumpy, red skin resulting in a bulbous appearance. Small blood vessels are visible. Usually on nose (rhinophyma) but can also affect the chin, forehead, cheeks or ears. Appears after many years of disease activity. Mainly men affected.