Men get rosacea

Men get rosacea too, should be aware of signs

While more women than men get rosacea – 3 to 1 in some studies – men tend to have more severe symptoms and need to be aware of the signs of this condition.

rosacea treatment gets personal

Rosacea treatment gets personal

People with rosacea can expect more personalized, tailored treatment addressing their individual symptoms and features following recently published global guidelines.

rosacea and the effects of chlorine

Rosacea and the effects of chlorine

Indoor swimming is a healthy, enjoyable activity in winter. However, you may be concerned about rosacea and the effects of chlorine on your skin.

5 Tips to help minimize rosacea falre-ups during cold weather

5 Tips to help minimize rosacea flare-ups during cold weather

Canada’s wintery weather is not kind to those with rosacea… Dry, cold air is harsh on the skin and often triggers flare-ups and flushing.

Cathy photo 2

Beating rosacea – Cathy’s story

Cathy Grehan, (49), a nurse and mother, says she has always had redness on her face.

5 Things you may not know about rosacea

With 2 million Canadians affected by rosacea, a skin condition causing a red face, experts with the not for profit Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada would like to help by sharing 5 Things you may not know about rosacea.

How do lasers and light treatments help with rosacea?

Lasers and light-based treatments have been successfully used to treat the visible blood vessels, redness and flushing of rosacea for many years.

Rosacea often affects the eyes

Although rosacea is primarily known as a skin condition, up to half of rosacea sufferers also experience eye involvement, known as ocular rosacea.

How to choose a sunscreen

The sun’s rays are one of the most common triggers for rosacea.