5 Tips to help minimize rosacea falre-ups during cold weatherCanada’s wintery weather is not kind to those with rosacea… Dry, cold air is harsh on the skin and often triggers flare-ups and flushing.

Here are 5 Tips to help minimise rosacea flare-ups during cold weather:

# 1 Cover-up the face. When outdoors in cool weather, protect the face from the cold and wind by wearing soft, heavy scarves and pulling up jacket collars and hoods. In extreme cold, wear a balaclava or face mask.

# 2 Moisturize. Cold weather can make the skin dry, tight or itchy. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer labelled for “sensitive” skin. See more on Choosing and Using moisturizers and cleansers for rosacea-prone skin in this short video on our YouTube channel.

# 3 Wear layers. Rosacea is often triggered by feeling hot, so wear layers you can quickly peel off when you start to feel too warm. Zippered sweaters are a good choice for quick removal vs turtlenecks.

# 4 Use a sunscreen. Wear a sunscreen daily and especially if you are involved in winter sports. The sun’s UV rays are one of the major triggers for rosacea and can also damage the skin causing more redness.  Choose an SPF 30 or higher, broad-spectrum sunscreen labelled for “sensitive skin”. See more on Choosing and Using a sunscreen for rosacea-prone skin in this short video on our YouTube channel.

# 5 Avoid very hot drinks. These can quickly set off rosacea flushing. It’s tempting to warm up with hot drinks, but make the temperature warm rather than boiling or wait a while for the beverage to cool down.

Enjoy the cooler weather and hopefully keep rosacea outbreaks to a minimum!