Men get rosacea too, should be aware of signs

While more women than men get rosacea – 3 to 1 in some studies – men tend to have more severe symptoms and need to be aware of the signs of this condition.

Men get rosacea

However, men’s knowledge of rosacea appears to be low.  A 2015 survey by the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada revealed some 43% of men said they had never heard of rosacea.

Men need to be aware of the symptoms of this condition in order to seek early treatment if rosacea is affecting their life. These are the common signs of rosacea.

Men get rosacea - Rhinophyma - L view nose, Dr. Jerry Tan

In addition, a rare type of rosacea that results in skin thickening (known as phymatous rosacea) mainly affects men.

This form of rosacea looks like thickened, bumpy, red skin and results in enlargement of the affected area with a bulbous appearance. Small blood vessels are visible.

The most common site is the nose (known as rhinophyma) but this can also affect the chin, forehead, cheeks or ears.

This type of rosacea appears after many years of disease activity. The affected area may feel tender or sore. There may be other types of rosacea present at the same time.

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