Irritated eyes

(Ocular rosacea)

Up close image of a man's irritated eye.

Looks like: Bloodshot, irritated, watery eyes with a gritty sensation. The eyelids may be red. Styes (seen here) or conjunctivitis may occur.

# Most people experience rosacea on the skin before ocular rosacea.

# Some have both skin and ocular rosacea at the same time, while some only have eye involvement.

# Rarely, there is a potential for vision loss in some people due to the harmful effects on the eye.

Feels like: dryness, tearing, stinging, foreign body sensation, sensitivity to light, blurred vision.

Important to know

Rosacea can be mildmoderate or severe.

It may slowly get worse over many months or years if not treated.

There are many conditions that look like rosacea. See your physician or dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Image courtesy Dr. Ben Barankin

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