(Inflammatory rosacea)

Blur_crop_07_DrBarankin2Looks like: areas of persistent redness in the central parts of the face and red bumps and pimples (papules or pustules) that come and go. *This rosacea may be mistaken for adult acne.Rosacea 2, Dr. Ben Barankin (4)

# Pimples and red bumps appear on the cheeks, but can be around the mouth, nose or eyes, on the chin or forehead.

# Tiny blood vessels are usually seen.

# The skin looks sensitive and easily irritated.

# Blackheads and whiteheads are not present.

# Some experience flushing while others do not have much flushing.

May Feel Like: burning, stinging, swelling, rough, tender, dry

Important to know

Rosacea can be mild, moderate or severe. It may slowly get worse over many months or years if not treated.

There are many conditions that look like rosacea. See your physician or dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Images courtesy Dr. Ben Barankin and Dr. Jerry Tan.

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