What medical treatment offers

The causes of rosacea are still being investigated and there is no cure. Fortunately, rosacea is an active area of research in dermatology with many new treatments recently released and more on the way.

shutterstock_142637314cropThere are safe and effective treatments to reduce facial redness, red bumps and pimples, visible blood vessels, irritated eyes and other signs of rosacea.

Find out if you need to see a doctor or dermatologist to get your rosacea under control here, When to see a doctor.

Medical treatment choices depend on many factors including:

  • your symptoms
  • how severe the condition is – mild, moderate or severe
  • the impact on everyday life and self esteem
  • a patient’s willingness to apply topicals or take pills
  • skin type
  • the cost

* A combination of medical treatments may be used.