Small changes you make to your lifestyle and skin care can help minimize the effects of rosacea, limit flare-ups and get the most out of treatments.

Download our 2 page brochure – Rosacea – Lifestyle and Skincare Tips – for lots of ideas. Here’s a sample of tips offered:

rosacea skin care and lifestyle tips


# Choose mild cleansers that that are suitable for sensitive skin. These should be ethyl alcohol and fragrance-free and not contain small particles or chips. Avoid soaps, toners and astringents.

# Gently wash the face once or twice daily with warm (not hot) water. Do not use scrubbing tools such as sponges, brushes or wash cloths. Pat skin dry with a soft towel.

# Apply moisturizer after washing and moisturizer with sunscreen in the morning.


Look for sunscreens that are:

# SPF 30 or higher with broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection.

# Non-oily, alcohol-free and fragrance-free.

A note: If your skin is highly reactive, you may want to consider non-chemical, physical sunscreens containing micronized zinc or titanium oxide since these are less irritating to the skin. These sunscreens work by reflecting sunlight and are not absorbed into the skin.