reduce rosacea flare-ups at festive events

Rosacea symptoms tend to flare-up during holiday season occasions. To help, here’s 4 Tips on how to reduce rosacea flare-ups at festive events.

# 1 – Stay cool in hot, indoor spaces

Warm, crowded places – just about every party or dinner you are at – can easily trigger a rosacea outbreak. To stay cool:

# Sip a cold, non-alcoholic drink

# Chew on small ice chips to stay cool (yes, this really works for many!)

# Stay close to an airy entrance

# Don’t sit beside fireplaces

# Get some fresh air as soon as you feel a flush coming on.

12 rosacea triggers of Christmas# 2 – Lessen stress

Stress is a major cause of rosacea flare-ups. For many, the responsibilities of holiday season hosting increases stress levels. Create ways to reduce stress such as:

Problem solve – There are always a couple of solutions to every problem although some are easier to take than others. Come up with several solutions and begin by trying the best one of these.

Delegate – You can’t do everything. Get some support and involvement from others. Create a list of who can help, what they can do, and then reach out.

Get a good night’s sleep before the event. Adequate sleep benefits the whole body, improves mood and leads to clearer thinking.

shutterstock_149154938# 3 – Minimize alcohol

Avoid or minimize alcohol as this is a common trigger. Red wine is the most frequently reported culprit. Try white wine for a change and see if it has the same effect. Having a spritzer (add sparkling water) to dilute the alcohol content works for some. Find out about the many great mocktails (cocktails without alcohol) or create your own recipe.

 # 4 – Avoid spicy foods

Watch out for appetizers, dips, or dressings made with chillies and hot or peppery spices or flavourings. These should be avoided or minimized.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season!