RAM 2016 websiteThe Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada has designated April 2016 as Rosacea Awareness Month in Canada.

Rosacea Awareness Month, listed in Health Canada’s Calendar of Health Promotion, provides many opportunities to raise awareness about rosacea, a common, but little known skin condition affecting 2 million Canadians.

Dermatologists with the not for profit Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada would like to help by sharing “5 Things you may not know about rosacea“.

“A recent survey showed that awareness about rosacea is quite low among Canadians,” says Dr. Jason Rivers, Vancouver dermatologist and president of the society. “Since rosacea is visible on the face, there can be significant emotional and social effects for sufferers including embarrassment, anxiety and depression.”

You’re invited to join the conversation about rosacea awareness on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #5thingsaboutrosacea. Please share your thoughts and experiences. Check out and comment on our Facebook posts on Rosacea Help and on Twitter @RosaceaHelp.

*Please note we do not answer any individual health questions related to rosacea. For advice about your specific condition, please see your doctor. We do not provide recommendations for any medical professionals, treatments or products.