Continuing our 12 rosacea triggers of Christmas, here’s 6 triggers that may cause flare-ups, and tips on controlling these:

shutterstock_149154938# 4 Alcohol

Avoid or minimize alcohol as this is a common trigger. Red wine is the most frequently reported culprit. Try white wine for a change and see if it has the same effect. Having a spritzer (add sparkling water) to dilute the alcohol content works for some. Find out about the many great mocktails (cocktails without alcohol) or create your own recipe.

 #6 Hot drinks

Very hot drinks are a sure way to feel hot and set off flushing. Reducing the temperature of hot drinks will help.

shower head# 5 Hot baths, saunas

Hot Baths, showers, saunas or hot tubs can bring on flushing. Keep bath and shower water at a moderate temperature.

 # 7 Spicy food

Watch out for appetizers, dips, or dressings made with chillies and hot or peppery spices or flavourings. These should be avoided or minimized.

runner# 9 Exercise

If you’re trying to work off extra calories enjoyed over the holidays, remember that heavy exercise can easily trigger rosacea symptoms. Sipping ice water helps. Get cool water on the face immediately after exercise. Long walks are great exercise too and are less likely to cause a rosacea flare-up.

# 9 Skin care

Many with rosacea have sensitive, reactive skin. If you received a present of new skin care products, check the labels and ingredients on these before applying. You may wish to test a small amount on your inner arm and check for a reaction 24 to 48 hours later. Avoid products that contain alcohol and witch hazel. Fragrance-free is a good idea to lessen skin reactions. Avoid using soaps on the face.

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What triggers your rosacea over the holidays? Let us know and share your tips.

Have a wonderful festive season!