The festive season is a wonderful time filled with family, friends, and get togethers.

shutterstock_218199760Party - RosaceaFBHowever, it’s also a time when rosacea flare-ups can happen, causing embarrassment and self-consciousness.

We’ve put together a list of The 12 Rosacea Triggers of Christmas to help identify these and share tips on how to avoid or lessen them so you can really enjoy the social season!

We’ll be posting all 12 tips over the next few weeks, so please keep checking back.

The 12 Rosacea Triggers of Christmas

# 1 Hot, indoor spaces

Warm, crowded places – just about every party or dinner you are at – can easily trigger a rosacea outbreak.

What to do:

# Sip a cold, non-alcoholic drink

# Chew on small ice chips to stay cool (yes, this really works for many!)

# Stay close to an airy entrance

# Don’t sit beside fireplaces

# Get some fresh air as soon as you feel a flush coming on.

Hope you enjoy every moment of the festive season!