More than 2 million Canadians suffer from rosacea. Some people are much more likely to get this condition as they have one or a few of the following rosacea risk factors. Most often rosacea affects:

# those with fair-skin, including people of Celtic (mainly British or Irish origin) or Northern European descent. Rosacea has been called the “Curse of the Celts“…

# people from 30 to 50 years old.

# more women than men. In fact, 2 to 3 times more women get rosacea compared to men.

# those with a family history of the condition. About 30% of rosacea sufferers have a close family member with rosacea.

# people with extremely sensitive skin.

While more than 2 million Canadians currently suffer from rosacea, as our population ages, rosacea is expected to become an even more common health problem.

*People with darker skin types get rosacea too but it is thought to be much less common in these groups. However, this issue is being investigated further.